Printing Methods

We believe in that printing is an art. The Wedding Collection uses the following printing methods. Each piece in the Wedding Collection is designed with a specific printing method in mind (indicated in the collection overview). Customization is available upon request, but may not be recommended for all designs.


Perfect for illustrations or designs with multiple colors, digital printing uses computer printers to transfer an ink image onto paper. We recommend smooth-finish paper for digital printing to ensure a crisp, clean image.

Letterpress uses an inked plate to imprint a design onto paper which creates a tactile indentation of the design. Each color of a design is pressed using a separate plate. Both smooth- and cotton-finish papers are suitable for letterpress.

Like letterpress, foil stamping uses a plate to imprint a design. However, instead of ink the plate transfers the design from a foil sheet. Foil sheets have a metallic sheen. We recommend smooth-finish paper for foil stamping to ensure a clean imprint.


Paper Stock


Our papers come in two finishes: smooth and cotton. Our invitation cards are printed on 2-ply paper to make the card feel unique. All other cards are printed on 1-ply paper. Available paper colors and finishes are shown below.


Sizing Information

Each piece within the Wedding Collection is designed to the sizing specifications of the American A-Size system. Using this system ensures optimal availability of materials and that all pieces will be compatible with USPS mailing requirements. Details on the sizing of each card and envelope available in the Wedding Collection are below.

A9 Cards (5.5” x 8.5”) + A9 Envelopes (5.75” x 8.75”)

A7 Cards (5” x 7”) + A7 Envelopes (5.25” x 7.25”)

A6 Insert Cards (4.25” x 5.5”)

A2 Card (4.25” x 5.75”) + A2 Envelopes (4.375” x 5.75”)

Panel Cards (4” x 9”) + No. 10 Envelopes (4.25” x 9.5”)


Terms & Conditions

Color Disclaimer

While we try our hardest to represent color as accurately as possible on our website, we cannot guarantee printed colors will appear exactly as seen on your screen due to monitor calibration and screen resolution. Paper finish may also have a slight effect on final ink color. Samples of digitally printed colors and swatches of letterpress inks or foil colors are available upon request and at a cost of $20 (to be applied as a credit against your final order).

Assembly Disclaimer

All items are printed and assembled by hand. As such, slight variations between individual pieces may be expected. This especially applies, but is not limited to, items that include ribbon or string ties and calligraphy.

Cancellations, Exchanges + Returns

Cancellations must be received prior to the commencement of production. Due to the highly customized nature of our work, Bourne Paper Co. does not accept exchanges or returns.

Design Proofs + Approvals

Prior to production, you will be presented with final design proofs for approval. It is the responsibility of the client to review these proof for accuracy in all respects, including spelling and punctuation. Written or electronic approval will be required prior to the commencement of production. If errors are found after final approval is made, the cost of corrections or reprints will be the responsibility of the client.


Shipping is not included in preliminary quotes. The cost for shipping via UPS Ground will be applied to your final invoice, which is due prior to commencement of work. Expedited shipping methods or alternate carriers are available upon request.


Bourne Paper Co. reserves the right to all designs and / or artwork created unless otherwise agreed upon. The client may not re-use or reproduce any artwork created by Bourne Paper Co. without previous written consent.